Culinary herbs offered


basil: Emily, ROSIE, & TULSI

  • We're growing three types of basil at Full Fork Farm. Emily, a Genovese type, is an excellent keeper. Rosie's intense, dark-purple color contrasts nicely with its mild, aromatic flavor. Tulsi, on the other hand, is a well-known, Ayurvedic medicinal. Used both as a tea and in cooking, it can be used treat a host of ailments from colds to heartburn.

parsley: GIANT Flat & MOSS-CURLELD

  • The two kitchen standards, offered over a long range of the season. Exceptional varieties in the field.

chives: GIant SIBERIAN

  • Chives culinary history dates back more than fifty centuries. We grow Giant Siberian, which is a go-to option for adding an onion-garlicky flavor to a meal. A richer taste than common chives.

cilantrO: Calypso 

  • A longstanding, frost tolerant variety.


  • An heirloom variety selected for its more pungent leaves.