About our Farm

What is Full Fork about? Our focus is the salad plate, specializing in baby salad, arugula, spinach, and specialty greens - as well as cherry tomatoes, husk cherries, herbs and garlic, and a 1/2-acre u-pick strawberry patch.

We're a small, 4-acre operation located 1.5-miles from the northeast corner of China Lake in China, ME. Our farm practices are based n an understanding that by feeding the soil that feeds us, we can best grow food packed with flavor and nutrition.

We're committed to integrating food production andseed stewardship. There are two of us here, young farmers working hard to feed you. And while we're harvesting fresh produce, we're also saving the seed that will become your food next year.

Seed saving is an important component of our commitment to full circle farming. By saving seed from the best plants, we're adapting open-pollinated vegetable varieties to Maine's growing conditions. Ultimately, we'd like to be able to offer these selections to local farmers and gardeners.

Our farm is a participant in MOFGA's journeyperson program, and a recipient of a 2017 SARE Farmer Research Grant from the USDA. The farm is also a supporting member of the Bionutrient Food Association. Check out our blog for updates.