what is full circle farming?

FULL CIRCLE FARMING LOOKS TOWARDS AND SEEKS TO EMULATE EARTH'S NATURAL CYCLES AND PROCESSES. it's an approach to farming that aims not only to grow great food, but also foster community and regenerate the land in the process.

what are my practices? 

  • Organic, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds.

  • No synthetic, chemical sprays or fertilizers.

  • On-Site Fertility Production.

  • Integrated Pest Management.

  • Early morning harvest for peak freshness.

  • Processing equipment disinfected before each use.

  • Minimal Till Farming Techniques


Earth Care. People Care. Resource Share.

Full Fork farm is in its first year, so is not yet MOFGA-certified, but we integrate these standards into my farm's production.. The health of the greens we sell and the health of my farm are indivisible, and any customer is welcome to schedule a tour.