Garlic varieties offered

Garlic bulbs, like seeds, have roots going back generations. Each has a slightly different role to play in the kitchen. Are you looking for a mild undertone in a salad, or a sharper garlicky flavor for a sauce or stew? Find garlic varieties at Full Fork that you won't find elsewhere.

purple striped shivlesi/Red Chesnok

  • The best all-around garlic for the kitchen. An excellent keeper, and a top favorite with gourmet chefs. Red Chesnok maintains its shape when cooked whole, and won't overpower your dishes.

German red

  • However, if a stronger garlic with heat is what you need, German Red will get the job done.


  • Music is a porcelain hardneck variety with easy-peel-skins and great flavor. Considered a top selection for the Northeast.